Securing the Network – It’s More Than Just Antivirus Cont.

Securing today's networks properly takes a variety of skills, the proper resources/equipment, and a healthy amount of patience to pull off - not just your friendly neighborhood antivirus.

In this presentation, we will run through the different layers of network/security architecture to help improve your network's security. Today's most effective security tools aren't always the big shiny expensive ones. We will review some open source tools to help improve your security posture as well as paid ones. Some tools you probably already have (built into your existing network gear)!

Topics presented:
-Network Architecture - Building a secure foundation
-Security through segmentation - Defining network boundaries
-Visibility - Security is all about what you can see and finding what you can't
-Access Control - Did someone say free NAC?


Time: May 6 - 10:00 AM
Location: Room 101
Audience Level: Expert
Audience Knowledge: Familiarity with network security protocols/methods -Basic knowledge of network architecture -An understanding of network monitoring monitoring tools/protocols -Familiarity with modern day IT security threats


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