Connect the Dots: Measuring, Evaluating and Resolving Technology Support Woes

Supporting the technology within our schools is an ever-changing and moving target. Technology departments are constantly asked to do more things with fewer resources and are still expected to deliver the same high quality of support. How do we begin to deliver a high quality of support and then maintain that support level when the financial, technical and human resources continue to shrink?

In this session, we will investigate how to approach the idea of delivering support, how to monitor and measure the support that is being offered and strategies to remedy the situation when we are not delivering the support necessary. We will talk about different strategies to collect information on problems that exist, methods to assess technical problems to find the right resources to deliver a solution and how to assess how well we are doing at each of those things in a meaningful and actionable way.

Attendees will leave this session with information and strategies that will allow them to consider different ways to improve their support infrastructure within their organizations.


Time: May 5 - 9:00 AM
Location: Room 104
Audience Level: Intermediate
Audience Knowledge: Knowledge and awareness of the IT user support experience.


Tech Talk Live is the only conference of its kind in the region specifically designed for IT pros in education.


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