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Technology Job Titles in Education

Nancy Morris

I have worked in Education for my entire career, and as I prepare to retire, I was reflecting on all of the changes in technology that have occurred during my 35 years as a working woman. Like many colleagues my age, I started out as a teacher before computers were even in the classroom. Many […]

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Brian Stiegauf

One of the buzzwords in the IT world for the past couple years has been Hyperconverged Infrastructure or HCI. HCI threatens to disrupt the traditional server and storage area network (SAN) that most institutions have been deploying for the past two or more decades by combining the CPU, RAM, network, and storage resources into the […]

Starting a Technology Internship Program

Jessica Diller

School districts are recognizing that graduates must possess new skills for the demands of the 21st century workforce. There is an increase in the districts’ needs to incorporate college and career readiness opportunities into their school experience. At the same time, technology departments, in preparation for the changing climate related to staffing and employee retention, […]

Artificial Intelligence – Boon or Bane?

Litty Kurian

Artificial Intelligence has been in the news quite a lot recently. We hear about the use of Artificial Intelligence being used in Intelligent Personal Assistants, self-driving vehicles, medical treatment, etc. So what exactly is Artificial Intelligence aka AI? Artificial Intelligence is intelligence exhibited by non-biological entities such as machines, robots, etc. that exhibit cognitive functions […]

Global Load Balancing for Disaster Recovery

Shawn Mellinger

Recently we were able to solve a long standing issue with our Disaster Recovery Plan. I will use the example of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). ADFS is a service that we want highly available so it would be configured in a server farm. For this example, we will say that two servers are deployed […]

MBAM Tips and Tricks

Dave Light

Setting up MBAM (Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring) appears daunting at the beginning, but proved to be relatively straightforward to set up.  Preparation and planning helps immensely.  Microsoft provides a nice planning checklist that aids in preparing the deployment. When creating the required security groups, it helps to make note of the purpose for the […]

Code Generation for SQL Server Data Auditing Triggers

Greg Hess

There are a number of ways to track data changes in SQL Server databases, many of which include table triggers to log the changes.  In this post I provide a streamlined approach to setting up those triggers and keeping them up to date. A number of years ago I inherited an application that had a […]

Welcome to the Tech Talk Live Blog

Paul Billy

Welcome to our blog! To expand the value of Tech Talk Live throughout the year, we have created this blog to highlight real technology problems in education, and the solutions that IT professionals in education have implemented. Most of our blog posts will be written by guest writers, highlighting a specific issue they have solved […]


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