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Should Technology Leaders Be Considered CIOs?

Nancy Morris

Graeme Philipson, an IT industry veteran and analyst who was co-founder of MIS magazine discusses the title Chief Information Officer (CIO). “The idea was that it [CIO] was a C-level position, the same as the CFO’s or COO’s, and was meant to reflect the fact that the Senior IT person should be on the board […]

Adobe and Microsoft Resources for Teachers

Karen Oberly

One of the top questions we hear from schools subscribing to the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) and Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) is: “Where can we go to get resources for our teachers?” Both Microsoft and Adobe are committed to providing resources to their education customers in as many ways as they […]

Are We in a Post-PC Era?

Jessica Diller

Technology through the years has shown many stages of evolution, from the mainframe era in the 1970s to the PC era in the mid-1980s, reaching the Web 2.0 era that is more present today.   If technology has gone through so much evolution (a major shift about every ten years), the only conclusion is that there […]

Thank You from Tech Talk Live

Tim Laubach

I was hoping to write something witty, inspiring, or topical for our 150th celebratory blog post, but instead I think I will keep it to a simple thank you. To Our Blog Leaders: For those of you who are regular contributors to our blog, I wish to express my deepest gratitude.  Without individuals such as […]

Technology Budgeting 101 for School Districts

Jessica Diller

It is that time of the year when school districts are finalizing budgets and forecasting spending for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Unlike outside industry, schools have to plan for upcoming school years with many factors still up in the air, such as new administrations, budget impasses, new guidelines, and new legislature and policy changes. Schools […]

Check Your Pockets for a Data Breach

Nancy Morris

An article published in Infosecurity Magazine in 2016 reported that as many as 22,000 USBs are left at dry cleaners every year. Even worse, some 973 mobile phones are also absentmindedly left behind in pockets and handed in, the study found. For the past several years, security has been the #1 topic of interest to our audience […]

Internet of Things

Litty Kurian

“Your supply of washing liquid is at 20%, Please reorder now.” This was a text message a friend received one day while at work. You might be forgiven for thinking this was sent by his spouse or partner, but it turns out the message came from his washing machine. Welcome to the world of the […]

Encouraging Self-Motivation and Initiative in Your Department

Jessica Diller

Motivating staff can be difficult and encouraging them to be self-motivated is even harder.  The things that motivate you, might not be the things that motivate others. There are two main types of motivation: Intrinsic – because we want to Extrinsic – because we have to So how do we motivate staff to “want to” do […]

K-12 Academic FTE-Based Licensing Benefits

Karen Oberly

Each year more software companies are providing FTE-based licensing options to K-12 schools. This licensing option provides a means for schools to save money, simplify administration, and eliminate compliance worries while providing software for use across the entire school district. FTE stands for Full Time Equivalent and is based upon a formula to determine the […]

Evaluating Vendors and New Technology

Jessica Diller

As planning for the remainder of the school year and summer initiatives continue, districts have to make decisions on what new technologies to implement and what vendors to use.  There are many things that go into consideration when making these types of decisions.  Tech departments are not only tasked with looking at items such as […]


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