Convince Your Supervisor

So you want to take advantage of the technology resources and networking opportunities offered at Tech Talk Live but are not sure how to convince your supervisor?

Tech Talk Live has developed a tech friendly guide to help you demonstrate the return on investment and impact your attendance at Tech Talk Live will have on your organization. Let us help you show your supervisor why having their IT personnel out of the office for a few days benefits the entire organization by using one of our guides below.

Pre-Conference: Request Support

Depending on how your supervisor prefers to receive communication you can choose from among one of the three templates, or send all three his/her way.



  1. Over 40+ Technical Sessions Tailored to K-20 From Which to Choose.

    Select from multiple informative concurrent sessions that run throughout the day.  The sessions focus on solutions to problems that individuals can take back to their organizations and put to use right away.

  2. Professional Development.

    You’ll learn through sessions from peers and technology experts that address the concrete challenges IT professionals in education face every day; three full days of on-target sessions that address topics relevant to system & network administrators, application developers, desktop support technicians, and technology leadership; and in-depth conversation and end of day round-tables that allow you to address issues you are currently facing at your organization.

  3. Network with Colleagues and Become Part of the Tech Talk Live Community

    With so many like-minded IT professionals under one roof, why not learn how others are tackling similar problems in their organizations? Long lunch breaks and evening dinner give you time to network and get to know your peers without the awkward “get to know your neighbor” activities we dislike. Disclaimer: Social interaction is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.

  4. Ability to See Specific Company(s) or Product(s).

    Let’s face it, Internet searches, whitepapers, and news articles only go so far. Touch, test, and question technologies. With 50 industry specific vendors, you’ll find new solutions to your IT questions or see first-hand new industry trends. Visit with existing suppliers and see new solutions or how others are using their solutions.

  5. Access to Recorded Sessions and Blog to Reference During the Year.

    We have so many great sessions, it’s hard to choose which one to attend. Not a problem, at Tech Talk Live. We record all sessions (except those that we are not allowed), and put them on our Tech Talk Live channel for you to view later at your leisure. We don’t even mind if you share them with your colleague that could not make it. Of course, nothing is better than being here in person, but we understand how important your roles are in your organization. You’ll also get access to our blog, which keeps you updated with tech trends throughout the year.

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