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Ten Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Tech Talk Live Experience

Jessica Diller

Tech Talk Live is right around the corner, and we are excited that you are attending. We know that IT is the backbone of all organizations, and getting away is never easy. We appreciate you taking the time to come and learn the latest in the technology realm while networking with your peers.  We want you to get the most out of your conference experience, whether it is your first or sixth year.

Tip # 1: Download the Tech Talk Live app.

Our Tech Talk Live app allows you to completely customize your Tech Talk Live conference experience. Use the app to easily check session schedules, build your own schedule, find exhibitors, and stay connected with your peers.

Tip # 2: Review the sessions and make a schedule.

We post our session schedule and descriptions months in advance of the conference so you have the ability to pre-select what sessions you would like to attend.  Deciding on a tentative schedule will help you spend less time the day of the conference trying to choose which of the great sessions to attend.  Do not worry about your skill level. Attendees at Tech Talk Live have many different skill levels, the object is to share and learn from others.  ASK QUESTIONS!

Tip #3: Visit sponsors and get solutions.

We work really hard to get the best IT sponsors with high marks in quality and relevance to our audience. Take the time to converse with them to really learn what their solutions are all about and how it could improve the services you provide at your district or institution. While yes, the sponsors are there to try to “sell” you a service, we pride ourselves in bringing sponsors whose services can really add value to your organization. Give them a chance to explain their services and, most importantly, how those services can benefit you.

Tip #4: RSVP to attend the dinner and spend time getting to know your peers.

We believe that getting to know your peers is so important that we have included the dinner in your registration cost.  Taking the time to talk outside of a working environment is not only great for relationship building, but also great for relaxed conversations without day-to-day interruptions.

Tip #5: Join in the fun.

We include many games as part of the conference to make the day fun.  It also allows you a chance to win many awesome prizes.  Look in your program book for details about the games and participate.  You might be a lucky winner!

Tip #6: Join the conversations, ask questions, and tweet.

Believe it or not, others want to hear what you have to say.  I know that in a conference filled with more technical knowledge than most could fathom, asking questions might feel like your knowledge is not up to par. Contrary to that belief, asking questions is still the best form of obtaining the information you need.  Do not be shy.  That is the purpose of Tech Talk Live.  If you do not want to ask the question in front of others, tweet or email them and you will be sure to get a response.

Tip# 7: Take advantage of the session recordings and watch them after the conference is over.

We attempt to record every possible session, so that our attendees can watch them after the conference is over.  Be sure to take advantage of this free perk.  You can fast forward to the section where you need more clarification or simply watch a session you missed due to attending another great session in another room.

Tip #8: Subscribe to our blog. It is free and full of information.

We regularly update our blog with new posts from guest contributors.  Our topics range from tech leadership to system and network administration to troubleshooting issues.  We keep our content up to date, and as information-filled as possible. We know we have thousands of people reading our blog, but now we would like to have readers leave feedback.  Help us with this mission by posting some feedback after reading one of our posts. You will be sure to help someone that is experiencing the same issue.

Tip #9: Share your experience.

Tech Talk Live can only exist, if we continue to get this group of unique individuals together.  Help us spread the word and tell your peers and other associates about Tech Talk Live and some of the benefits of attending. By getting more IT professionals here, it will only help grow the conversations, grow the topics covered, and grow the amount of support from our sponsors.

Tip #10: Fill out the survey.

Check the Tech Talk Live app for session surveys and look out for an email post conference asking for your feedback.  Be honest and let us know what you have enjoyed and what we can improve.  We really do listen, and we tailor the conference to bring the best experience to you.

See you all next week and remember, “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

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