Using Distributed Sensors to Manage IT Services and Networks in Schools

Today's schools depend on cloud-based services to successfully educate, test, and manage students. Quality and consistent delivery of these services depends on multiple organizations from cloud providers to backbone providers, Internet access providers, and local networks. Understanding and managing the performance of IT services, detecting issues proactively, and avoiding finger pointing among providers is critical in operating the cloud-enabled and WiFi-based school. This presentation will describe a distributed sensor approach to enabling IT staff to automatically baseline all IT services, proactively detect issues, and automatically do fault domain isolation by focusing on User Experience. The instrumentation enables IT staff to measure the impact of new technology deployment such as IPv6 and manage the various access types (wired/wireless) without having to involve non-IT personnel.


Time: May 9 - 9:00 AM
Location: Room 101
Audience Level: All
Audience Knowledge: IP Networking


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