Two Part Leadership Series: Part 2 – Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce your Stress, and Lead by Example

The first half of the Leadership Training Series (1:00 - 2:30 PM) will focus on growing leadership and influence. Dr. Brian Barnhart will discuss how regardless of your current position title, each of us is on a journey to grow and lead. What does it take to be a leader? Are you good at what you do? Are you great at who you are? Participants in this ‘leadership’ presentation will gain insight in ways to ‘grow your influence’ through a review of 5 Levels of Leadership and an in-depth look at three important qualities of all successful leaders: authenticity, discipline, and integrity; and how they apply in real life.

The second half of the Leadership Training Series (3:00-4:30 PM) will focus on personal leadership. Your life is a product of your decisions. Your criteria for making decisions are at the very core of your effectiveness. Great decision-making habits can yield a lifetime of success and achievements while poor ones can keep you stressed, frustrated, and out of balance. Consistently improving your life and achieving your goals is not easy. The problem is that goals mean improvement, and improvement means change and change is not always welcome. Just as a business must never stop learning, improving, and innovating to lead in the marketplace, as individuals we are faced with this same challenge. In this speech, you will learn which decisions prevent burnout, accelerate your success, increase your engagement, reduce your stress and drive you forward. If you are interested in learning a decision-making system that can help you achieve more, overcome obstacles, and stay balanced this is a “don’t miss” presentation. Attendees will also learn to:

• Focus on results and the true drivers of performance.
• Prevent burnout and regain critical planning and personal time.
• Dramatically increase work and life engagement.
• Be an example of balance for others to follow.


Time: May 6 - 3:00 PM
Location: Room 103
Audience Level: All
Audience Knowledge:


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