Successful End User Support: Attitude!

The past two years I explored ways to make sure technology is working well in your educational setting with special emphasis on communication between technology departments and end users. My three-pronged approach focused on the need for immediate help, the ability to request timely assistance, and the availability of self-help options. This year I will focus in depth on you, your staff, and your attitude toward technology users. Trust me--this is a tricky topic since it forces us to examine how we perform our job both as an individual as well as a department. Topics include tech attitude types, customer service skills, and customer service practices. The goal is to help everyone recognize strengths and weaknesses with the aim to fully utilize the former and work on the latter to make all interactions positive, even on the busiest days. This session is designed to appeal to people working in a help desk capacity, as well as all technology personnel involved in assisting end users on a daily basis. The desire is to share methods that work well providing technology support to faculty, staff, and students in an educational environment.


Time: May 2 - 9:00 AM
Location: Room 101
Audience Level: All
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