Selling the Dream: Getting Buy In From Administration Through Good Communication

Getting buy in from administrators within education can often be an exercise in futility. All too often, different portions of your organization's administration have different objectives. But the one thing they all share is the need for the technology that they use to assist them in achieving their goals. This talk centers on the methods and skills that can help a technology leader achieve buy-in on technology initiatives from the administrative leadership within their organization. This talk will discuss the necessary technical acumen; communication methods; and knowledge required to assess, analyze, and plan technology projects that will speak to the needs of your organization; and not only keep the administration in your corner, but also keep your technology team excited to be working in your environment.


Time: May 8 - 9:00 AM
Location: Room 104
Audience Level: All
Audience Knowledge: Technology management, an understanding of technology departments within educational institutions.


Tech Talk Live is the only conference of its kind in the region specifically designed for IT pros in education.

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