Salsa Makes the Guacamole Better

If you attended “Guacamole: A Client-Less HTML5 Remote Access Gateway,” you will learn about Guacamole. This session will focus on ways to extend the functionality of Guacamole, as well as provide additional functionality and automation. Six years ago, I had a vision to provide a way for students to access software they used in class on a device 24/7/365. Since that time, technology has advanced to either enhance current methodologies or create new ones. Today, the vision has become a reality, while continuing to morph with the ever-changing technological landscape. In this session, a brief overview of the vision and the end result will be presented. In addition, the role of steaming apps both on premise and in the cloud and the integration of an SIS to provide on demand apps for students, all within the framework of Guacamole will be discussed and demonstrated. Corn chips optional.


Time: May 9 - 1:00 PM
Location: Room 110
Audience Level: Intermediate
Audience Knowledge: Fundamental Linux Skills


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