Cloud Filtering with Parental Integration & Innovate Student Safety

With growing 1:1 initiatives in K-12, and the increase in digital learning environments, schools are faced with new risks which need to be managed. This improved access to technology, combined with the prevalence of social media, has dramatically increased student exposure to cyberbullying and harassment. Instances of suicide among school-aged children are on the rise. Mental health care is becoming a priority for school districts across the nation. As a result, many districts have adopted digital citizenship initiatives and are training crisis teams to help mitigate student exposure to cyberbullying. Securly’s mission is to keep students safe online. Two manifestations of this mission are a ground-breaking cyberbullying and self-harm detection system for social media and email, paired with an optional parental integration portal which allows parents to view their child’s online activities. Parents now have the ability to engage with their child regarding his or her online activity, in or out of school, and receive alerts for behavior which indicates self-harm or bullying. By creating a partnership between parents and schools, in the area of student online behavior, we are saving lives daily and helping schools prepare students for their lives as digital citizens. Integrating parents by allowing them to view their child’s online activity is a new concept, and our lead Student Safety Coordinator will speak to how schools can utilize this program. This session will focus on student safety initiatives, as well as answer most common questions and concerns IT staff have with implementing this new alternative approach.


Time: May 8 - 10:30 AM
Location: Room 110
Audience Level: Intermediate
Audience Knowledge: No prior experience on this topic is needed.


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