No, It is Not Always The Network’s Fault

Anyone who has managed a network or an IT environment knows that any problem experienced by users is automatically blamed on the network. This is the reason network engineers are such great troubleshooters; they are always guilty until they can prove themselves innocent.
This burden is in part due to the fact that despite all the tools used to monitor networks, many issues experienced by users go unnoticed by the network team. Clearly our traditional ways of monitoring IT infrastructures do not provide us the full and complete picture of end user experience. In this session we will show the value of changing the network management paradigm on its head by focusing on measuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting User Experience (UX). We will share historical and live data demonstrating the concept in a real network. We will show that by tracking UX, IT professionals can proactively identify issues before users do, and narrow down the fault domain faster. Moreover, with the UX data at hand, it is easier for everyone to see and understand that, “No, it is not the always network's fault."


Time: May 7 - 9:00 AM
Location: Room 102
Audience Level: All
Audience Knowledge: No special skills or experience is needed for this session.


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