Today’s Technology Leader: Planning Sustainable Transformation

Going 1 to 1 is more than the devices, it is about expanding the access that students have to information, collaborative resources, and productive tools. As technology becomes more infused throughout school systems, collaborative decisions between instruction and technology is a strong approach for success with initiatives. Yet in the end, the technology leader is typically the one who must make it all happen. So often, the approach to planning and implementation that technology leaders know (deadlines, specific tasks, step by step implementation) is different than the approach of the instructional departments and building leaders. We will look at: What are the necessary deliverables from the technology department and what tools, resources, and approaches are proving to be successful; Identify what areas of support and planning need to be addressed in front of the initiative that will allow the changes needed to be successful in the long term. We will also discuss how you can support and guide the process so that you remain sane.


Time: May 1 - 1:00 PM
Location: Room 107
Audience Level: All
Audience Knowledge: Be sure to bring a device as this session is interactive.


Tech Talk Live is the only conference of its kind in the region specifically designed for IT pros in education.

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