Interconnecting Those Pesky Remote Sites via DMVPN

School districts and ESAs in rural geographic regions struggle with secure connectivity in areas with no other options but lower bandwidth DSL or cable modem connections to interconnect school buildings, disaster recovery sites, or administrative facilities. Once a transport infrastructure is installed and provisioned, the problem of WAN connectivity is the next concern. Even if multi-gigabit Ethernet Network Service (ENS) are available to all sites, in some cases the need for end-to-end encryption is also needed. This presentation will cover the basics of building a functioning, scalable IPSec Virtual Private Network using the Cisco DMVPN solution allowing both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic to be tunneled seamlessly across multiple sites. Use of Cisco networking gear in the core, distribution, or edge is not a requirement for this solution to function.


Time: May 2 - 9:00 AM
Location: Room 103
Audience Level: Expert
Audience Knowledge: Experience with Cisco IOS (or an IOS-like platform), IPsec, dynamic routing protocols, and an understanding of IPv4 and IPv6 network design would be useful in order to understand the complexities of this design.


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