How to Achieve Both High ROI on your 1:1, as well as Protecting your Students

Chromebooks make up half of all US classroom devices sold, making them the go-to device for millions of students. But when SSL decryption and multiple policies for students come into play, schools need smart solutions to reach the ultimate end goal: protect students from violence, self-harm and bullying. Lightspeed Systems works with 5,500 districts around the world to solve these challenges everyday. In this session, we’ll discuss how Lightspeed Systems Relay for Chrome can help your team report on Chromebook activity, filter access with granular policies, protect students from harmful online behavior and locate lost devices. Students move around taking their devices home and around school. We’ll show how continuous identity management makes seamless filtering policies and reviewing holistic user activity a breeze. You’ll also learn how the dynamic reporting engine turns mass quantities of traffic data into actionable reports, even SSL traffic decryption. Let’s discuss how to earn the most ROI with your deployment and give you the power to protect.


Time: May 2 - 11:30 AM
Location: Room 105
Audience Level: All
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