Assuring 1:1 Implementation – and Feature Parity – As Classroom Connectivity Booms

One-to-one initiatives distribute the school's network, blurring the network perimeter in the process and making it difficult for admins and IT to assure bad actors are not accessing student data. This is not only an issue of meeting baseline compliance, including CIPA, HIPAA and a wealth of regulations that connectivity inherently makes schools privy to, but of applying effective network defenses that can support a range of device types, platforms, and permissions without compromising protections on a per-user basis. Ensuring feature parity in the protections that users are given requires a revolutionary approach to network protection that allows schools to manage and control network traffic without stretching their resources too thin or incorporating a wealth of unnecessary consoles.


Time: May 8 - 3:30 PM
Location: Room 108
Audience Level: Intermediate
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