A Hardware Discussion with Matt

This discussion will cover the latest advancements in hardware for desktops, laptops, and servers. The session goal is to help everyone understand the advancements and the terminology used since these are ever changing. A better understand of hardware will enable you to make smarter purchasing decisions for your future technology refreshes. Topics covered will include everything from QLC solid state storage, AMD's resurgence as a leader in processor technology, and Optane technology to Intel's complete rename of their Xeon product line. In addition, VR hardware and AI/machine-learning accelerators will be briefly discussed.


Time: May 8 - 9:00 AM
Location: Room 110
Audience Level: Intermediate
Audience Knowledge: No skills needed, just a desire to become more knowledgeable about the hardware that runs our daily lives.


Tech Talk Live is the only conference of its kind in the region specifically designed for IT pros in education.

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