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IT Project Management in an Educational Setting: Project Management by Sticky Notes!

Nancy Morris

Several years ago, we realized that our IT Department was notorious for starting projects and not finishing them.  We would have multiple projects going on at the same time.  When a new project idea came up, we would stop what we were doing and shift our attention to the new shiny object. I was sent […]

IPv6 – The Future Is Now

Roy Hoover

IPv6 is a replacement protocol for IPv4, which is the protocol used on the Internet, hence the name Internet Protocol. The Internet as we know it has always run a single layer 3 protocol, even though you may have run many different protocols on your local area network. Do you remember running AppleTalk, IPX, or […]

Cyber Security Institute Coming in the Spring of 2014

Paul Billy

If you have been watching recent news reports, cyber security is becoming a very hot issue. According to the department of Homeland Security, cyber security and hacking are currently the biggest threats facing our country.  These threats impact all levels of organizations from mom and pop stores, educational entities, Wall Street, Fortune 500 companies, and […]

Mobile Device Management

Tim Laubach

As the mobile device administrator for Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13, I have been exposed to many different solutions for management of the mobile user.  With tools from Meraki, AirWatch, and Casper, just to name a few, the evaluation of the capabilities and differences of these applications can quickly become difficult. Conferences like Tech Talk Live are […]

Google, Moodle, and FlexBooks: A Winning Combination for Technology Rich Curriculum on a Dwindling Budget

Tammy Miller

Drastically slashed budgets, dwindling and aging resources, and changing curricular requirements are priority issues challenging many districts across the Commonwealth and the Chestnut Ridge School District is certainly not an exception. Chestnut Ridge is a small rural district located in beautiful Bedford County in central-western Pennsylvania. The district services a total student population of 1,648 […]

iPad Lessons Learned

Ryan Bennett

In the fall of 2012, Mercersburg Academy began requiring all students to bring an iPad with them to campus and to carry that iPad during the academic day. As an independent boarding school, we thought we knew all of the ramifications of such a program. We had great wireless coverage around campus in all of […]

Virtual Professional Development

Jason Murray

Technology integration within the classroom continues to grow at an exponential rate. Teachers and administrators demand more integration, and soon the state’s observation rubric will require more technology integration in the classroom.  The paradigm shift in education involves teachers delivering content in new innovative techniques, which will help the students remember better and excel on […]

Bring Your Own Device . . . Twin Valley School District

Ken Gibson

We often look at the economic situation in the public school systems, and attach Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs to it and call it a solution to a financial problem. However, is this really the case, or was it an inevitability that simply happened coincidentally along with a financial crisis. Is BYOD a natural […]

Protecting Against Cyber Threats

Mark Villinsky

After a compelling video of various security facts, Mark Villinsky had some amazing facts to share.  Of approximately 1200 companies surveyed, 91% had at least one security intrusion last year. Sixty one percent had a virus issue. For a sense of scale of the escalating problem over time: In 1994, the average new virus sample […]

Awesome Tech For Teachers Students and Staff

Carl Kishel

We’re (almost) live blogging Tech Talk Live from 2013.  Up next is Carl Kishel from Microsoft, covering Technology and Tools for Students, Teachers, and Staff. We are writing as we listen, so it may not be a perfect transcript. Tablets Carl explains that, in a classroom environment, tablets are useful as you can walk around the […]


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