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Gender Roles in Educational Technology

Nancy Morris

As a woman working in the field of educational technology for many years, it is interesting to me to watch the trends of people who have chosen this field.  Many years ago, both males and females were selected to be technology leaders in schools simply because they were “good with computers” or “knew how to […]

Robots Go to School

Geoff Craven

Well now that many schools are just getting back in session, it is time to revisit how we can utilize robot technology to enhance instructional opportunities for our students. Whether it is manufacturing or complicated surgical procedures, these devices are becoming more common place in our daily lives.  So it only makes sense that telepresence […]

Growth of Google and Chromebooks at Springfield

Randy McNally

Three years ago a plan was implemented to rewrite the grade 7 and 8 Social Studies and Science curriculums. As part of the plan, a “total digital” based resources would replace traditional books and workbooks. The idea was for each curriculum to include relevant resources. The curriculum would be more adaptable to current environmental changes […]

Celebrating 100 Posts

Nancy Morris

I am honored to be asked to write the 100th post for our Tech Talk Live blog.  It is hard to believe we have come this far! Since our very first blog post went live in May 2013, our mission has been to provide an online forum for learning and sharing information and experiences.  Our […]

Ten Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Tech Talk Live Experience

Jessica Diller

Tech Talk Live is right around the corner, and we are excited that you are attending. We know that IT is the backbone of all organizations, and getting away is never easy. We appreciate you taking the time to come and learn the latest in the technology realm while networking with your peers.  We want […]

Middletown’s Journey to 1:1

Darren DiCello

Middletown Area School District is a small, suburban school district located in Central Pennsylvania. We have approximately 2,400 students in three elementary buildings, one middle school, and one high school. We are 1:1 with iPads in grades 6-12 and have provided sets of 8 to each of our elementary grade level classrooms. Middletown Area School […]

Lessons Learned from the Trenches: Going 1:1 at Big Spring School District

Brandie Shatto

Big Spring School District is not a wealthy community.   In fact, it sits in the middle of sprawling farm land and mountains.  While we are not a bustling metropolis, we have long felt the need to ensure that our students have the same opportunities and access to information as students in any other part of […]

Cloud Anyone? Cloud-Based Asynchronous Collaborative Tools for Teachers and Students

Ken Zimmerman

While there are many cloud storage options available for educators these days including DropBox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, SpiderOak, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drivethe two major contenders  continue to be OneDrive/Office 365 and Google Drive. These two contenders have continued to add functionality and user ability to their service updates over the past few years. […]

Why Is Cyber Security Becoming So Important to School Districts?

Jessica Diller

Recently everywhere you turn you hear the term Cyber Security – in the news, at work, over the radio.  You get notification from your tech team, not to open certain emails or instructions on how to come up with stronger passwords to further protect your data.  Have cyber threats really risen or is it just […]

Using IT Staff to Empower Students

Ashleigh Jensen

For too long school IT staff members have been thought of as just the people who fix the computers and projectors in the classrooms so students can learn. Not any more. Through help from MOUSE Squad and their online curriculum, the Kuna School District (KSD) in Kuna, Idaho is using their IT team to help […]


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