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Creating a Google Map on a Web Page

Thai Tran

Google Maps is a free web mapping service developed by Google that provides geographical information. It has a JavaScript API to customize the maps and to display them on a web page. As the user drags the map, the grid squares are downloaded from the server and inserted into the web page. The Google Maps […]

SharePoint Promoted Links: Different Color for Each Tile Using CSS3

Margie Morales

In a recent project I worked on creating an internal SharePoint site that would serve as an informational website for staff. The goal was to implement a design that would have buttons for navigating to informational resources. Basically, the site needed to be dressed up a bit without a lot of custom development. I decided […]

Null is the Loneliest Un-number

Matthew Kernicky

Null is not a number. This is not news to anyone who has done even a little programming. It is a placeholder that essentially says, “This variable does not have a value assigned to it.” This is why the various programming languages and scripting environments that we use have methods, functions, and/or operators to test […]

Information Architecture Example for SharePoint Online Extranet Sites

Margie Morales

Recently a request came in to create a new extranet site for an internal business unit for the purpose of collaborating with external people. I figured this would be a great opportunity to evaluate using SharePoint Online on Office 365 instead of my usual task of adding a site to an existing on-premises SharePoint. Starting […]

Useful Tools

Greg Hess

In the technology world there are many useful tools available for a wide range of needs.  Here are several tools that are worth reviewing.  I use them for various needs like organization, project management, working with data files, and augmenting development.  Some of them have a cost, but many are free. Online Tools io– (Flowcharts) […]

Using Swimlane Diagrams to Document Business Processes

Matt Kernicky

If there is one constant in application development work, it is the need to develop effective two-way communication with end users and stakeholders. Not only is there a need to translate from business-speak to tech-speak, but there is a simultaneous need to help business users define their own processes. The existence of dozens of books […]

What? It’s Not a Responsive Web Application? Lessons Learned in User Interface Development

Margie Morales

These days if a site is available on the web, the expectation may be that it delivers an app like experience on mobile and tablet devices. For the most part, I am one of those people, even though I am fully aware of the complexities that go on behind the scenes. Who does not want […]

Making SQL Server Reporting Services Highly Available

Greg Hess

How does one make SQL Server Reporting Services highly available? This is something I have been researching. We have several applications that depend on Reporting Services, so maintaining high availability (minimizing or mitigating the impact of downtime) is critical and needs to be added into updates to our SQL Server High Availability Plans. My Google […]

Fun with Tools: Insights on Buying and Leveraging Developer Tools – Part 1

Matt Kernicky

Imagine you are in a meeting for a development project that you started a few months ago. You and the other members of your team revisit requirements with the potential end users. As the discussion progresses, you realize that the requirements are more involved than you originally suspected. Your department has recently purchased a development […]

Fun with Tools: Insights on Buying and Leveraging Developer Tools – Part 2

Matt Kernicky

This is the second of a two-part post; to read Part 1 in this series, click here​. Last week, we discussed some of the problems inherent in working with developer tools, looking specifically at the obvious and not-so-obvious costs involved in purchasing new tools. Today, we will talk more about working with the tools you […]


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